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Bucefalus and Sun

Photo context:

«Bucefalus and Sun»

The Sun helped Bucephalus to win fear. It has united his destiny with Alexander.
Bucepalus and Sun is a moment of their first meeting and, at the same time an entire brilliant heroic life of the powerful pair. Three flying diagonals are the sun rays rising Bucephalus to the top of glory and sharp spears threatening to pierce it. The composition is genetically connected with early sculpture "Persian". Further it became a basis for a sculpture "Triathlon" a central element of a triptych Olympic triad. In this case three sun rays became symbols of three of the basic components (arena riding, field races and barrier overcoming) of this kind of horse race sport. The destiny of a sculpture Bucephalus and the Sun is quite dramatic for five years it was considered to be lost, but intervention of the German cultural public has returned it to its author.