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Dear friends!

Dear friends!

Today, at Barack Obamas inauguration day, we start English version of my web site: http://www.elgephest.com/en Well be happy if this site will be interesting for you. Of course during the first days you will find a lot of mistakes, misprints and other imperfections there. Well be grateful if you would share with your impressions about this site and inform us about mistakes. Admins address is: contacts@elgephest.com With your help well correct everything much faster...


IT-stars on


IT-stars on "Squared Fantasy" exhibition

It is pleasure to meet nice people! "Radio T" full team has come in light of "Squared Fantasy" "Radio T" is the most popular IT-podcast in RUnet. This people are "widely known in narrow circles" indeed. Well, not so narrow. Grey is a leader of Yandex agency in Ukraine, Bobuk is at least the third person in Russian Yandex. Olyapka, Marinka and Pyotr Didenko are also well known by every it-person.



"Squared Fantasy" - since 01.04 till 31.05

Joint exhibition of Lesia Kara-Kotsya and Vladimir Ivanov "Squared Fantasy" will be in "Master Class" gallery, Kyiv, Ivana Mazepy str., 34. The world of fantasies and games define a personality. It would seem - what is common between nice, domestic "ukrainian folk fantasy" of Lesia Kara-Kotsya and refined "techno-ellinism" of steel horses and warriors of Vladimir Ivanov? If Lesia...


elGephest.com on the TOP


elGephest.com on the TOP

Personal web site of Volodymyr Ivanov elGephest.com was included in the album of Ukrainian design D 2008. Design projects are included in this authoritative almanac on the commercial basis. The only exceptions are for the projects winners of design competition Creative games.In March, 2008 site elGephest was awarded diploma of jury for the 1st place in the nomination Personal sites. Thus site obtained an honorable...