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What is el?

 elGephest a boiling alloy of magic myths and modern technologies. Everything is simple. el Electro is magic nature energy and Gephest is a creating masterwork. Electro-Gephest is definitely not only a name of welding mode, or art project started in 1998, name of a legendary sculptors group successfully exhibiting in the West Europe and USA for more than 30 years and a web site name, but the most important and significant is that elGephest is a creative method, philosophy and outlook materialized in the art.

elClub is a place where you could learn the most fascinating and intriguing facts about the author, his friends and become acquainted with Volodymyr Ivanov.

Author + Who's here? Photo album

My way  Vi about characters and themes of his artworks, favorite technologies and his mission. The Vi-ography and an art critic Alexey Titarenko are telling about the author.
Contacts  1000+1 mode to be in touch with the author on-line and in life

About friends, partners and art patrons. About great and small, famous and unfamiliar for spectator people which impacted and/or still impact on Volodymyr Ivanovs creativity. Generally  is not just list of links, it is a doors to a world of people...

Sometimes it is better to see than to read about. Especially when it comes to the art of sculpture and its context.  Context it is amazing meetings and unforgettable situations, great people and wonderful horses, magical landscapes and many other fascinating things