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Volodymyr IVANOV, a sculptor.

Born on April 29, 1957 in Kyiv. When a child (four years old), he started molding. Graduated from the Shevchenko Republican Art School (1975-1977) and the Moscow High Art-Industrial School (“Stroganovka” 1977 – 1982). Graduation work – set of medals “Alumnus of the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”.

Within 1981–1988 he participated in some Soviet Union and Republican Art exhibitions, than he was admitted to the Youth Association at the Artist Union of Ukraine. Many works of that period have entered into the Ukrainian museums’ collections. Since 1988 Ivanov has mainly been exhibiting abroad. For 20 years he has had about 40 exhibitions in Germany, 5 – in the USA and 6 – in Great Britain, Ireland and Switzerland. More than hundred Volodymyr Ivanov’s works are in the private collections and galleries of these countries as well as in the banks and firms such as Landesbank Saar è Peugeot-Deutschland GMBh. Volodymyr Ivanov’s sculptures are owned by some outstanding people such as Kateryna Yushchenko, Anne McCaffrey, Artemiy Troitsky, Vyacheslav Fetisov, Yuriy Luzhkov, Ivan Malkovych and Oleh Skrypka.

Since 2007 he has returned to the active exhibiting in Ukraine. He took part in the Big Sculpture Saloons 2007-2008, 10 top of Ukrainian Sculpture in the “Da Vinci” gallery. Ivanov’s personal exhibition entitled “Gift of Poseidon” in the Zmiyinyj (Serpents) Island in July 2008 was opened by President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. The exhibition “Gift of Poseidon” was successfully presented in the Geneva Nation Palace in October 2008.

Ivanov’s sculptures have been awarded with Honorable Ribbon “Best in Show” at the traditional art show of the World Fantasy Convention “Bucconeer” (Baltimor, USA, 1998), the Diploma of "WeldEx-2007" exhibition (Moscow), the Diplomas of “A Great Spring Saloon” exhibitions (2007, 2008 Kiev), the DragonCon (Atlanta, USA, 1998) and the World Fantasy Convention (London, UK, 1997). In 2007 Volodymyr Ivanov was recognized as 10 Top of the Ukrainian Sculpture by the “Da Vinci” gallery. In spring 2008 Volodymyr Ivanov’s web-site www.elgephest.com took the first place in the “Best personal web-site” nomination of the Ukrainian design and ad competition “Creative Games”.

Volodymyr Ivanov is a member of some international organizations and creative unions such as ASFA (Association of fantasy and scientific fiction artists), Atlanta 2007, AAI – Artist Association of Ireland), SSi (Society of Sculptures of Ireland).

Ivanov sculptor’s technical base is the Paton Institute of Electric welding, Kyiv as well as BBZ (professional technical center) Sulzbach, Saarland, Deutschland.

The list of the Ivanov’s articles and materials about him and his works in the professional local and international editions consists of more than hundred items.